C’mon! Who doesn’t like food and all happiness it gives a person consuming it? There are so many dishes I crave and go for. Maybe, other people will define you based on the food you eat everyday. Your favorite delicacy or a viand perhaps will tell the world how you look after yourself. It may say where your roots came from, or the culture you possessed. But more than that food is just food, a mixture of different spices, herbs, meat, fish, veggies, among others. It’s a basic necessity for human kind, therefore without it we may just be there at the outer space. Food is a substance to be eaten, it’s something that maintains or stimulates the intellect, the human brain. So it’s not just for the tummy, it’s also for the brain.

These chows are known in various forms. Some come in the form of a dish, a local dish perhaps or an exotic one. Others are smorgasbord or buffet that are festive and pornography to the hungry eye. There are tons of foodstuff to be enjoyed, I still go for Filipino dishes like Sinigang na Baboy sa Bayabas, Pork Nilaga, Kare-kare, Caldaretta, Menudo, Chicken Tinola, Afritada, Hamonado,  Sisig, Tapsilog, Torta, Adobo, Barbeque, Bistek Tagalog, Crispy Pata, Lechon, Giniling (Picadillo), Morcon, Lechon Paksiw, Chopsuey and a lot more.  But to some, it comes in austerity, a simple meal.

Why am I so into food? It’s sheer happiness especially when it’s shared with people dear to you. Going out on a Sunday to grab some lunch at a local resto, or tagging your friends along to grab some pizza or isaw. I mean you could go anywhere and still find these eatables just about every corner of the street.  Sometimes, I feel like food is my boyfriend or bff, for this stuff never goes wrong, unless it’s spoiled or improperly cooked. It always makes you feel satisfied and filled. As simple as that! Well, just like any boyfriend or partner, if you take it so much you’ll get consumed and fat, so basic rule –  Do not over eat! Oh, yes! Did I just say that? Happy eating everyone! ❤